Angus Horticulture Services Ltd. offers a range of storage, handling and packaging services from our premises within the Port of Dundee. We specialise in operations involving commodity chemicals, and fulfilling the needs of Yara UK Ltd. and Bakelite Synthetics UK Ltd. is central to our activities.

Our storage facilities consist of both outside storage and secure undercover storage. Our inside storage includes separate bays that facilitate the safe storage of dry bulk materials. Our site is a Control of Major Accident Hazards (COMAH) lower-tier regulated establishment for the storage of hazardous materials, such that site activities are subject to all necessary measures designed to prevent major accidents. 

Our handling equipment is crucial to the functioning of the site, and we have a range of telehandlers with different specifications and an array of available attachments. These are suitable for a variety of handling, loading and unloading applications. 

Our on-site processing and packaging equipment allows us to efficiently screen and package dry bulk products into accurately weighed pack sizes. We also have a mobile bagging plant, which can be used to package material at source. The bagging line has screening capabilities and enables the segregation of dusty, lumpy and contaminated products prior to bagging.  It can be  transported easily and conveniently, and is an ideal solution when packaging is a seasonal requirement or when the installation of a fixed bagging line cannot be justified.  The mobile bagging plant is available for hire on a weekly basis.  For enquiries, please contact our Site Manager, Steven Briggs (07801 149700).

We manage the site operations involved in the processing and packaging of fertiliser for Yara UK Ltd., from handling the import of bulk cargoes to dispatching the bagged fertiliser to farmers throughout Scotland. Our on-site plant facilitates the processing of blended and straight (non-blended) granular fertiliser products. The plant has built-in screening equipment to segregate any undesirable material and ensure that only quality products are packaged and dispatched.

We handle chemicals for Bakelite Synthetics Ltd., a specialist chemical company involved in the production of resins and adhesives for the processing of manufactured wood products. This involves the importation and handling of bulk and containerised materials, packaging of bulk chemical, and dispatch to sites in Stirling and Wales.  The regular transportation of the materials is provided by R & N Cessford haulage. 

As part of our operations, we provide a full ships agency service that covers all essential port activities for ships that visit Dundee and Montrose Ports.